Causes Of Educational Disparity


  • Parents’ Social Status And Educational Background: 

Educational inequality depending upon the parents’ social status can also effect a child. A child from an upper middle class tends to have a higher IQ due to better educational background of his/her parents. An upper middle class family due to their better living standards have a less stressful life.

As an educated family utters more motivating words than discouraging, this affects the learning of the child. However, a lower middle class family due to their stressful living conditions utters more discouraging words.

  • Inheritance:

The inheritance of IQ is another cause. Some students perform better than others who do not.

  • Social Status:

Lower middle class with fewer necessities of life is not able to provide their child with better education . Where upper middle class with greater necessities provide their children with good schools and better education material.

  • Understanding Ability:

The understanding ability of a child differs from one another. Some can grasp quickly and easily while some can not.

  • Conflict With The Teacher:

Teachers in the institutions often psychologically torment or through violent ways of physically torturing the students, teach at schools which ends up creating many disorders among children developing fear of studying or inattentive behavior towards study.

  • Inadequate Quota For School Expenses:

Schools being run by government at different places at times have comparatively less funds due to which there’s trouble in smooth running of the school administration . This all can be due to the ineptness g the government or mismanagement og the school administration.

  • Depends Upon Culture, Ethnicity, History Of Development And Other Factors:

Culture , ethnicity, history of development of education, and other factors that are responsible for the levels of disparities in educational development of nations.

  • Distance:

The distance from the residence to the institution also counts as a cause. The more the distance the difficult it is to study for the student , the less it is the more easy.

  • Cultural Factor:

Cultural factors cause inequality in educational development. The level of development of material culture, technological advancement, that has brought about the production of goods , has to a great extent affected the level of educational development. The advanced cultural groups have produced better learning facilities to further the gap of inequality within nations.

  • Gender Discrimination:

In many of the backward societies, this idea is prevalent that females should not be educated much. They are only allowed to excel in domestic skills.

  • Language Barrier:

English is the largest learned language at school level. Most of the mediocre educated families who have learned this language , their children are at a greater advantage than those whose parents are not. There will be a lacking in their learning ability, which is called a language barrier. They more frequently lack assistance at home because it is common for the parents to not understand the work that is in English.

  • Stress:

Less resources, less potential attention, and more stress, all influence the performance of children in school.

  • Female Disadvantage:

Females are more likely to get married or due to pregnancy which hinders them from getting proper education. They are given less pays due to gender discrimination in most of the societies and hired on lower posts than men. In some societies rather backward, they are tortured for obtaining education , in the form of rape, kidnapping, bombing, etc. In Somalia, girls have been abducted. In Colombia, the democratic republic of the Congo and Libya students were reported to have been raped and harassed . In Pakistan and Afghanistan, schools and buses have been bombed and gassed.

In educational institutions and at professional levels, females are seen to participate least and socialize too.


  • Male Disadvantage:

In certain countries like Latin America, boys are likely to drop out of school and join gangs and other criminal activities. Here girls outnumber boys in obtaining education.


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