Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. We are living around these three times; past future and present. Working hard just to make our future beautiful than our present ,holding a fear from our past. Just to come to know at the end that we are nonentities. Just in a blink we shall be nowhere to be seen. Just in a flash. Boom! And we are over. Nothing in our vast universe..

This place is being cared by a presence stronger than us and than all, we are all existing according to His will. No one knows when it will be over.

As I am writing this today all I am wondering about is of what worth is this writing ? Am I questioning the Greater Power ?

I am lost if I am.

My duty as a nonentity is to live and live until the bell rings and tells us that the time is over and there is no more the will by which I am surviving.

I am in a state of nonentity

I am in a long lost dream

I live in a questioned world

Come, break my reverie


Why am I afraid of even a little pain? Why does only a scar aches so much? Am I afraid of my nonexistence? Am I afraid of the day when my life is over ?

We are made to get erased with the inundating pressure of time . Any resistance may not be able to disorient it from its way. We are all destined to not survive. We are all just bodies of clay, blowing away with the wind of time. A little pain should not matter to us. We have been born with a greater pain and at the end it’s nothing to be worried about. With the blow of the wind this soil will be blown too.



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