To Love And Be Loved In Return


Ever wondered what is the reason behind someone helping you in crossing a road, someone helping you in carrying your grocery or someone leaving his seat for you and then stands in your place ? They all have intentions to be rewarded. Some even go to greater extents and donate millions or arrange food for thousands. They all have a desire to be rewarded. But rewarded by what ? Love. Among some ways of the heart; anger, pleasure , sorrow, etc. ,love is also one. Love is an emotion too some say.

Altruism is a feeling or behaviour in which one lacks selfishness. People go to such extents which concerns selflessness. Harming their own selves in caring for others. There too I see the sly nature of a human being, the lust of a reward i.e. love.

Once when passing by a little road-side park, I came across a black-spotted dog. Lying on its abdomen with a puppy dog face, wagging its tail like a helicopter’s propeller. I sat on the nearby bench and opened my lunch box. There with the smell of barbecued steaks, not only I felt the water in my mouth and a grumble in my tummy, the dog also stood on its feet and there his long pink tongue emerged out of its mouth. Well, I was sure then that this little thing was hungry . I whistled and signalled him to come to me. There I shared my lunch with the ‘man’s best friend’ and spent the time more joyously than if I hadn’t had him there.

Today, when I recall the incident I always feel the pleasure again in me as I felt that day. The hungry dog with a drooping face, how it jumped at the sight of the steak  and how he barked at me out of gratitude. I patted him as a reassurance that I accepted his love and from that day onwards I have a good memory to keep with me . It’s true what they say . The best thing in life is to love and be loved in return.



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