Our Rebelling Youth

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Whether it is to stand against any political agenda, whether it is to refrain from being divided in religious  sects or forming entirely a new one, or it is to tell off your family head that he/she is wrong and is not always right and that you have an opinion too, we are seeing spontaneous rebels in one way or another among this generation and our youth.

Why are they rebelling?

May be it is because of insufficiency of their compromising capabilities and coping with the notions that what others have to say about them or may be it is telling that they are more than half of the population with some rights too. They can not be headed. They can not be herded neither they can be led by just an elder .. is it really so in your mind too if you are a youth ?

They find…

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Masculinity In Men; Attractive Or Damaging

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Being a male and a female or being divided by society or by nature the human beings into two sets is another debate. The gender is something relative to the sex but the gender specifications and the attributes and qualities and inferiorities clinging to a specific gender is of debate in this article.

What Is Masculinity:

Masculinity is a set of attributes, behaviors and roles attached to the male gender. Without them the males are considered suspicious about their gender or sexual identity or orientation and with them they are considered as a perfect male. Some masculine traits include courage, independence and assertiveness. Machismo is a term used to define the sense of considering oneself manly and self reliant. According to a definition it says,

“a strong sense of masculine pride…[with] the supreme valuation of characteristics culturally associated with the masculine and by implication some say, a denigration of characteristics associated with…

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Causes Of Educational Disparity


  • Parents’ Social Status And Educational Background: 

Educational inequality depending upon the parents’ social status can also effect a child. A child from an upper middle class tends to have a higher IQ due to better educational background of his/her parents. An upper middle class family due to their better living standards have a less stressful life.

As an educated family utters more motivating words than discouraging, this affects the learning of the child. However, a lower middle class family due to their stressful living conditions utters more discouraging words.

  • Inheritance:

The inheritance of IQ is another cause. Some students perform better than others who do not.

  • Social Status:

Lower middle class with fewer necessities of life is not able to provide their child with better education . Where upper middle class with greater necessities provide their children with good schools and better education material.

  • Understanding Ability:

The understanding ability of a child differs from one another. Some can grasp quickly and easily while some can not.

  • Conflict With The Teacher:

Teachers in the institutions often psychologically torment or through violent ways of physically torturing the students, teach at schools which ends up creating many disorders among children developing fear of studying or inattentive behavior towards study.

  • Inadequate Quota For School Expenses:

Schools being run by government at different places at times have comparatively less funds due to which there’s trouble in smooth running of the school administration . This all can be due to the ineptness g the government or mismanagement og the school administration.

  • Depends Upon Culture, Ethnicity, History Of Development And Other Factors:

Culture , ethnicity, history of development of education, and other factors that are responsible for the levels of disparities in educational development of nations.

  • Distance:

The distance from the residence to the institution also counts as a cause. The more the distance the difficult it is to study for the student , the less it is the more easy.

  • Cultural Factor:

Cultural factors cause inequality in educational development. The level of development of material culture, technological advancement, that has brought about the production of goods , has to a great extent affected the level of educational development. The advanced cultural groups have produced better learning facilities to further the gap of inequality within nations.

  • Gender Discrimination:

In many of the backward societies, this idea is prevalent that females should not be educated much. They are only allowed to excel in domestic skills.

  • Language Barrier:

English is the largest learned language at school level. Most of the mediocre educated families who have learned this language , their children are at a greater advantage than those whose parents are not. There will be a lacking in their learning ability, which is called a language barrier. They more frequently lack assistance at home because it is common for the parents to not understand the work that is in English.

  • Stress:

Less resources, less potential attention, and more stress, all influence the performance of children in school.

  • Female Disadvantage:

Females are more likely to get married or due to pregnancy which hinders them from getting proper education. They are given less pays due to gender discrimination in most of the societies and hired on lower posts than men. In some societies rather backward, they are tortured for obtaining education , in the form of rape, kidnapping, bombing, etc. In Somalia, girls have been abducted. In Colombia, the democratic republic of the Congo and Libya students were reported to have been raped and harassed . In Pakistan and Afghanistan, schools and buses have been bombed and gassed.

In educational institutions and at professional levels, females are seen to participate least and socialize too.


  • Male Disadvantage:

In certain countries like Latin America, boys are likely to drop out of school and join gangs and other criminal activities. Here girls outnumber boys in obtaining education.



Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. We are living around these three times; past future and present. Working hard just to make our future beautiful than our present ,holding a fear from our past. Just to come to know at the end that we are nonentities. Just in a blink we shall be nowhere to be seen. Just in a flash. Boom! And we are over. Nothing in our vast universe..

This place is being cared by a presence stronger than us and than all, we are all existing according to His will. No one knows when it will be over.

As I am writing this today all I am wondering about is of what worth is this writing ? Am I questioning the Greater Power ?

I am lost if I am.

My duty as a nonentity is to live and live until the bell rings and tells us that the time is over and there is no more the will by which I am surviving.

I am in a state of nonentity

I am in a long lost dream

I live in a questioned world

Come, break my reverie


Why am I afraid of even a little pain? Why does only a scar aches so much? Am I afraid of my nonexistence? Am I afraid of the day when my life is over ?

We are made to get erased with the inundating pressure of time . Any resistance may not be able to disorient it from its way. We are all destined to not survive. We are all just bodies of clay, blowing away with the wind of time. A little pain should not matter to us. We have been born with a greater pain and at the end it’s nothing to be worried about. With the blow of the wind this soil will be blown too.


A Mask With No Name

2015 - 1

Growls in pain my inner self
Hatred, evil, vengeance, a threat
I hear thy ignorant self’s retreat
The blue -eyed death angel follows thee

Roaring deeper, abhorring myself
A clamour of horror, an evil’s dread
Lie down thee courtiers, lie down thee queen
Let the conscience wake from its sleep

Holds the dagger to my chest
Lash by lash I killed my heart against the evil’s threat
Let my innocence abandon me
As the mask I carry has no name

A frequent stroke, a frequent clash
Between my misery and my ignorant self
I call the heavens to keep me sane
But the mask I carry has no name

The mask emitting my insane self
The mask shedding like tears it bled
The mask representing my anonymous self
The mask I carry with no name


To Love And Be Loved In Return


Ever wondered what is the reason behind someone helping you in crossing a road, someone helping you in carrying your grocery or someone leaving his seat for you and then stands in your place ? They all have intentions to be rewarded. Some even go to greater extents and donate millions or arrange food for thousands. They all have a desire to be rewarded. But rewarded by what ? Love. Among some ways of the heart; anger, pleasure , sorrow, etc. ,love is also one. Love is an emotion too some say.

Altruism is a feeling or behaviour in which one lacks selfishness. People go to such extents which concerns selflessness. Harming their own selves in caring for others. There too I see the sly nature of a human being, the lust of a reward i.e. love.

Once when passing by a little road-side park, I came across a black-spotted dog. Lying on its abdomen with a puppy dog face, wagging its tail like a helicopter’s propeller. I sat on the nearby bench and opened my lunch box. There with the smell of barbecued steaks, not only I felt the water in my mouth and a grumble in my tummy, the dog also stood on its feet and there his long pink tongue emerged out of its mouth. Well, I was sure then that this little thing was hungry . I whistled and signalled him to come to me. There I shared my lunch with the ‘man’s best friend’ and spent the time more joyously than if I hadn’t had him there.

Today, when I recall the incident I always feel the pleasure again in me as I felt that day. The hungry dog with a drooping face, how it jumped at the sight of the steak  and how he barked at me out of gratitude. I patted him as a reassurance that I accepted his love and from that day onwards I have a good memory to keep with me . It’s true what they say . The best thing in life is to love and be loved in return.


Child Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia In Our Societies

An ever-growing social problem and a term known as ‘pedophiles’ prevailing in our societies. Pedophilia is a form of child sexual abuse. It is a condition which is defined as an adult who has sexual interest in children.


  • Lack of conformity to religion and social norms. This deviant attitude of the society is a cause of pedophilia . Religious and social norms give us a code of life on which we can work and make our society a better place to live.
  • Lack of security due to lawlessness. Corrupt government is another cause.
  • Inappropriate stuff or porn easily accessible through internet which ultimately creates wanton cravings and frustrations among society.
  • Sexual gratification or sexual arousal by the mere touch of a child. An inappropriate way of a sexual relationship. As children have the same tenderness in their skin as we have in women so people get immediately attracted to them.
  • Exposure of the child to erotic material in the form of life behaviour (excessive nudity).
  • Children in day care, children cared for by others or children who spend time alone with other people may be at risk of sexual abuse.
  • People with an erotic interest in children are the mere cause of the occurrences.
  • Collection of material that showcases a child in sexual poses.
  • Using children to create erotic materials or for erotic acts with other adults with an intention to arouse others.
  • Pedophilia is a mental disorder which when remained unchecked can cause trouble in the part of society.
  • Lack of marriages and ultimately losing a chance of safe way of keeping a sexual relationship

Recent Cases:

  • (Pakistan)

” In a report titled “Country’s biggest child abuse scandal jolts Punjab”, local English daily The Nation claimed the discovery of 400 videos recording of more than 280 children being forced to have sex. It claimed, “Most of the victims are under 14 but include a six year old boy who was forced to perform a homosexual act and a 10 year old school girl who was filmed being molested by a 14 year old boy.”

  • (London)

“It has now come under notice that since 2012, Britain has been consumed by scandals about sexual predations, child sexual abuse and even possible child murder by elite politicians and entertainers dating back to the 1960s.


  • Depression
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Poor self esteem
  • Dissociation
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Suicide attempts
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harming behaviours
  • Use of illicit drugs
  • Personality disorders
  • Victims of child abuse or neglect are likely to commit crimes as juveniles and adults.
  • child-abuse

Preventions and Solutions:

A general know-how and lecturing the society the reasons that drive others to such behaviours.
Conformity to religious and social norms as they give us a code of life and basis of how to behave for a well-organized society
Decrease lawlessness to increase safety
Blocking of accessible erotic material on the internet and other places.
As a mental disorder, a therapist should be consulted in time by the specific person
Use of tests, medicines and sex-specific therapies that directly reduce or extinguish a sex drive directed towards children.
Children should be guaranteed special care and security till they are not capable of protecting themselves.
Marriage should be provokes among the societies to expel this social problem.
All these steps can be taught through seminars at every social level.